There are some very important musts and no-no’s that you are supposed to follow while participating in urban exploration…

The rules:

Number 1: You never break into any place. There are no forced entries allowed in urban exploration. If you do not find a way in without forcing yourself in, then you are not urban exploring, you are breaking and entering. Also, breaking into places can cause safety hazards and cause places to become more run down.

Number 2: Thou shall not steal. Do not steal from the sites that you are exploring. It is unethical to steal when you are not exploring, so do not steal when you are.

Number 3: Never vandalize a place that you explore even if there are already signs of vandalism. Respect the building you are exploring and keep it as in tact as possible. We try to keep these buildings in tact and if people are stealing, it may give guards an excuse to patrol more often or block it off. 

Number 4: Do not get caught. Urban exploration is extremely illegal so if you get caught, you will most likely get charged with trespassing, which in some cases is a federal offence. 

Number 5: Never give away the name of a place of exploration to another explorer (unless they are with you) unless in a trade of sites that both parties know. Urban exploration is secretive for a reason. Keep site names to yourself, call them by nicknames to make people work to find them.

Just Some Tips: 

Bring water. Wear a surgical mask because there will be crazy amounts of dust in the air. Bring a flashlight but be careful not to shine at windows because guards may see. Bring a backup flashlight. Dress appropriately…jeans, long sleeves. Don’t take a step if you can’t see where your foot is going (we’ve had two bad experiences before learning that). If you encounter other explorers, be nice because they’re there to have fun too. Be a badass.

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